DÜRR Clinic Suction Systems


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DÜRR Clinic Suction Systems

DÜRR Clinic Suction Systems
DÜRR Clinic Suction Systems
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Model: DÜRR Clinic Suction Systems
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Flexible solutions as per your needs

Dürr Dental provides clinics and universities with vacuum systems for dry and semi-dry suction systems. The flexible solutions are available in 6 versions and suitable for up to 100 treatment units. The integrated exhaust air bacteria filter does not need to be changed until after 3500 hours. The high-performing channel compressors are precisely calibrated to requirements by the intelligent PLC.

High reliability, low power consumption

A sensor switches the suction motors on and off according to need. This ensures that electrical energy is used economically. The Progammable Logic Controller regulates the even use of the V-unit, thereby increasing overall life-span and reliability. An electrical and mechanical auxiliary air valve provides additional cooling for the motors and consistent suction power.

The PLC has everything under control

Which suction motor is running? What is the current vacuum? Change the bacteria filter? The service technician can find the answers to these questions on the display in the intelligent Progammable Logic Controller. The entire suction or com- pressed air system can be checked at any time, and any faults can quickly be troubleshot. With Dürr Dental‘s visual-display system, all clinical facilities can also be remotely monitored.

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