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DÜRR Clinic Compressed-Air

DÜRR Clinic Compressed-Air
DÜRR Clinic Compressed-Air
Výrobca: DÜRR Dental
Model: DÜRR Clinic Compressed-Air
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Compressed air by Dürr Dental

Along with a high-performance suction unit to which a central or integrated separation system can be connected upstream, Dürr Dental also provides central compresssed air units with refrigerant-type dryer and cyclone separator for up to 80 work- stations per station (e.g. P 12000). The operator reaps several cost advantages and synergy effects resulting from the combined set-up of the coordinated compressed air and suction systems.

Extremely compact

The frame for compressed air and suction units covers the same surface. They require very little space. The V 6000 to V 18000 and P 6000 to P 12000 are set up on the same lines. Advantage – A number of aggregates tailored to each project for compressed air and vacuum systems, and thus also suited to the precisely calculated number of treatment chairs /phantom workstations.

Easy operation through PLC

Compressed air and suction units are controlled by a PLC (Progammable Logic Controller). It facilitates operation and smooth and easy control. The modern control board also directly manages operational safety; e.g. through additional automatic cooling and automatic alternation of load of the aggregate in order to adapt to the life-span of the aggregates.

Bacteria filter

The same bacterial filter model is used as an exhaust air germ filter in the suction system, and as a suction bacteria filter for compressed air functions, thereby simplifying the replacement of parts. The filter provides hygienic air and high holding time. A changing of the filter is not due, at the earliest, until after approx. 3500 hours for the suction system and after approx. 8000 hours for the compressor. The display gives a reminder when it needs to be changed.

Central remote monitoring

Remote monitoring (monitoring unit) of compressed air can be performed with the same monitoring system. This facilitates the checking of all aggregates: the query of fault indications, operating hours, filter changes, operation, etc. The connection to the existing, central control station can be realised with potential-free contacts.

Technical Data

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