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World-renowned, IGN® and CALBENIUM® constitute a fundamental couple of dental units hygiene and sprays water treatment. Counterpart of IGN®, BACSET allows, complying with ISO 13485 norm, to assure the traceability of the system functioning according to the established protocol, to reach the goal « zero permanent germ ».

IGN 500

Fully automatic. The water to be treated is enriched with CALBENIUM via a double effect pump. The ionization avoids the formation of resistant germs and enhances the efficiency of CALBENIUM. It is obtained from an electronic platinum and a silver electrode. A double dilution chamber for the water treated with CALBENIUIM guarantees that it was in contact with the water at least 5 minutes before it was used. IGN 500 is fitted with 4 automatically rechargeable batteries which take over the ionization during the night. This model is provided with a regulator, a filter, a bypass and an additional external socket. IGN 500 may be connected without any problem to 4 or 5 dental units, due to its ionization power. Alarm systems are controlling the CALBENIUM level. This unit is connected to water and power supply. The CALBENIUM used is in liquid form and the one liter cartridge can be placed directly on the IGN 500.


Same design as IGN 500 (automatic, double chamber of dilution and ionization with a silver electrode). With this model, ionization is obtained with a permanent magnet and a 1,5 V battery. This external model can only be connected on one dental unit an only requires a water supply. The CALBENIUM is used in liquid form. Optional, a CALBENIUM level management unit may be added. IGN MAG is covered and may be placed next to or on the dental units.


Created in 1988, it was the first of the range, a semi automatic one. It includes an air pressurized one litter water tank made of antideflagration Pyrex. The ionization process requires a chrome electrode. The CALBENIUM use dis in powder form. The unit is connected to water, air and power supplies. It is

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