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AIREL Calbenium

AIREL Calbenium
Výrobca: Airel
Model: AIREL Calbenium
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It is a compound for the treatment of water circulation inside dental units and intra-oral spray. It protects the unit from bacteriological and viral contamination, giving the water disinfecting properties and protects the dentist, patient and assistant from pathogenic water projection outside the mouth. CALBENIUM® reduces tartar deposits inside the unit and supresses biofilm. It also confers to the water cleaning agents reduction of surface tension, flavouring, sweetening, desensitization of ginciva and isotonic properties. CALBENIUM® is offered in mint and lemon flavour, and in liquid or powder form. Ready-to-use implantology pockets are available as well. CALBENIUM® is used in endodontics, orthodontics, oral surgery, implantology and general dental practice.


Composition : EDTA – banzalkonium chloride – sodium tosylchloramide – allantoin – aspartam – spearmint or lemon – sorbitol. CALBENIUM® is made with « ultrapur » prodcuts containing less than 0.1%

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