AIREL Calbéjet


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AIREL Calbéjet

AIREL Calbéjet
Výrobca: Airel
Model: AIREL Calbéjet
Dostupnosť: Na sklade
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The CALBEJET is a cleaning and disinfection device for the external part of the instruments type contra-angles, hand-pieces, mirrors, probes, … The CALBEJET is connected with air and water coming from IGN, i.e. CALBENIUM powered. The CALBEJET cleans perfectly thanks to 4 injections nozzles giving out a pressurized CALBENIUM spray. The residual CALBENIUM leaves a permanent film for remanent disinfection. The CALBEJET has a drying position for instruments and also allows the external and internal cleaning and disinfection of surgical suction cords as well as cannula holder.


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