DÜRR RinsEndo


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DÜRR RinsEndo

DÜRR RinsEndo
DÜRR RinsEndo
Výrobca: DÜRR Dental
Model: DÜRR RinsEndo
Dostupnosť: Na sklade
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The effective solution in the root canal. RinsEndo activates your irrigating solutions. Disinfection right to the apex.


  • RinsEndo works fully automatically
  • The handpiece made of titanium is easy to connect to the turbine coupling (Sirona, KaVo, W&H)
  • The RinsEndo Protector serves as a length stopper and protects patient and dentist from being splashed with sodium hypochlorite solution
  • RinsEndo can be operated via turbine and foot switch of the treatment system
  • System care simply involves running RinsEndo disinfectant through the handpiece followed by autoclave sterilization at 134 °C



Technical Data RinsEndo
Air consumption 0,5 l/min
Compressed air supply 2,3 up to 4,2 bar
Irrigation speed 6,2 ml/min
Clock frequency 1,6 Hz
Dimensions H 35 x W 22 x L 150 mm
Weight 87 g
Variants RinsEndo for KaVo Multiflex turbine coupling
RinsEndo for Sirona Light turbine coupling
RinsEndo for W&H Turbine coupling Roto Quick 934


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